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    The “Artificial Organs @ LaBs” research group boasts a more than thirty years’ experience in fluid-dynamic design and experimental characterisation of cardiovascular devices. This is done through both computational modelling and experimental activities on ad-hoc designed mock loop simulators, complying with international standards (UNI EN ISO). These test benches are equipped with dedicated instrumentation (i.e. haemogas-analyser, Transonic® flowmeters, pressure sensors, acquisition systems, control and automation hardware systems) and volumetric or centrifugal pumps. Haemolysis assessment tests are also performed in compliance with the international standards (UNI EN ISO, and ASTM).

    Mass transfer models either in artificial devices or in the biological systems, and patient-specific Bayesian models, are also developed together with the design of novel drug delivery systems.

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    The research activity of the “Artificial Organs @ LaBs” group is both framed in the fields of fluid-dynamic analysis and blood damage evaluation of Life Support Systems, e.g. renal, cardiac, respiratory (air or blood side) assist devices, and in the optimization of controlled drug delivery systems.

    The design and development of novel polymeric heart valve prostheses has been undertaken in the recent years. The developed prototypes are now undergoing in-vivo animal testing.

    The developed mass transfer mathematical models are not only applied to the design of new devices, but also to the analysis of the patient reaction to the therapy so as to improve the patients’ outcome (patient-specific models). A typical application is related to haemodialysis procedure, where these models have contributed to improve the patient’s tolerance to the therapy.

    All the research activities are performed in strong collaboration with National and International Clinical Research Institutions and Hospitals.


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