Polymer Engineering Lab

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    Polymer Engineering Lab is committed to the investigation of structural properties of polymers and composites for applications demanding high performances, reliability, durability and eco-compatibility.

    The lab is fully equipped for the study of the thermo-mechanical properties of polymeric materials and composites. A range of facilities are available for the preparation of materials samples (powder and melt blending, compression moulding and curing, extrusion, milling, notching, programmed thermal treatments…).

    The following are classes of materials on which the group possesses a strong expertise:

    • Structural polymers
    • Composites
    • Elastomers
    • Foams
    • Adhesives
    • Polymer solutions and melts
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    Its research activities cover a wide number of topics, all highly application oriented: the study of innovative processing methods for the production of new materials and products, the optimization of end-use properties of materials and products pursued through a thorough analysis of the microstructure-to-properties relationships and the numerical modelling of systems that mimic the final application, the assessment of material’s and product’s short and long-term behaviour with advanced characterization methods developed on purpose. The research is often carried out in cooperation with polymer and composites manufacturers, polymer processing companies and end-users in fields such as transportation, electronics and consumer goods. The lab is well equipped for both theoretical and experimental research, with material databases and simulation packages, equipment for the preparation, treatment and shaping of polymeric and composite samples, and instruments for the micro-structural analysis and the rheological, thermal and mechanical characterization of these materials under a wide range of testing conditions.

    In the following a list of recent hot topics studied by the research group:

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