Innovative Sustainable Chemistry and Materials and Proteomics

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    Mission of the Group is to promote sustainability; the research group includes three specific areas:

    • Laboratory of Green and sustainable Chemistry, focused on the study and development of new sustainable synthetic processes to obtain intermediates of great industrial interest, starting from renewable sources, using cheap and eco-friendly chemical transformations and low cost and eco-friendly reagents and procedures
    • Laboratory of Sustainable Materials, focused on the preparation of innovative polymers, in particular with biosourced monomers. It is also focused on the functionalization of sp2 carbon allotropes and inorganic oxy-hydroxides, with innovative modifiers, preferably biosourced. It makes research on the preparation of few layers graphene, with technology scalable to industrial level. Study is done on polymer nanocomposites, in particular elastomeric. Dispersions are studied for application as inks and varnishes and lubricant oils
    • Proteomics Laboratory (ProteoLab) is focused on qualitative proteomic analysis: proteins extraction from tissue, cell cultures and biological fluids, their characterization via electrophoresis and chromatography and identification by mass spectrometry (nLC-MS/MS)
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    • Biosourced building blocks are used to generate platforms for innovative chemicals
    • Monomers for chain and step growth polymerizations, additives for polymer composites, modifiers for organic and inorganic supports are prepared
    • Functionalization reactions are performed on sp2 carbon allotropes and on inorganic oxides and hydroxides
    • Polymer nanocomposites, with elastomeric and thermoplastic matrices, are prepared
    • Free radical chemistry in organic synthesis and on functionalization of carbon nanomaterials
    • Nanomedicine: investigation of biocompatibility of nanostructures
    • Drug delivery: role of proteins in drug’s release and targeting.
    • Nutrition: characterization of foods proteome to evaluate nutritional value and product’s genuineness
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