Fluoritech Laboratory

  • subjectSkills

    In Fluoritech Laboratory, we are expert in:

    • Synthesis of fully- and partially-fluorinated compounds and materials
    • Controlled fluorinations with highly reactive compounds (fluorine, hydrogen fluoride, hypofluorites)
    • Analyses and characterization of gaseous mixtures, in particular halo-carbons
    • Surface treatments by fluorination and perfluoroalkylation, and surface characterization
    • Manipulation of elemental fluorine and other toxic, highly reactive, air sensitive compounds
    • Surface treatments lowering or rising the surface energy to produce both superhydrophobic and superhydrophilic materials

    In Fluoritech Laboratory, we are mastering several technologies:

    • Continuous flow plant for gas-gas, gas-liquid, gas-solid reactions at high and cryogenic temperatures
    • Batch reactor plant for gas-gas, gas-liquid, gas-solid reactions
    • Catalytic microreactors for gas-gas reactions
    • Batch UV photocatalitic systems with or without immobilized catalyst
    • Gas-chromatography of aggressive compounds with self-made proprietary columns
    • Mass spectrometry and Infra-red spectroscopy of fluorinated compounds
  • subjectResearch activities
    • Design of new reaction pathways for the synthesis of new fully- and partially-fluorinated monomers and intermediates
    • Fluorination of carbon-based materials and nanomaterials as well as their functionalization with fluorinated moieties
    • Study of fluorinated materials for energy devices, like fuel cells, batteries and photovoltaics;
    • Testing of fluorinated materials for water and air purification
    • Recovery and abatement of fluorinated pollutants, like chlorofluorocarbons and perfluoroalkyl surfactants
    • Fabrication of microreactors and microfluidic devices for the synthesis of fluorinated compounds
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