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Education. Academic career

2019: Politecnico di Milano - Full Professor in the CHIM07 sector - Chemical Foundations of Technologies. Chair of Chemical Fundamentals for Elastomer and Materials Technology composites
2010: Politecnico di Milano - Associate Professor in the CHIM07 sector - Chemical Foundations of Technologies
2004–2008: Università di Modena e Reggio Emilia - Visiting Professor
2001–2011: Università dell’Insubria, Como - Visiting Professor
1986-1988: ETH - Federal Institute of Technology, Zurich - Fac-hörer in Forbildung
1985: Università di Milano - Degree in Industrial Chemistry
1979: High School: Liceo Classico (classical studies) 

Career in the Industrial field

2005–2010: Co-founder and CTO of Itacanova srl (Como)
1999–2005: Advanced Materials Research Manager, Pirelli Tyre (Milano)
1988-1999: Researcher, Project Leader, Manager for research and development activities in the field of catalysis and industrial production of thermoplastic and elastomeric olefin polymers for: G. Donegani Institute (Novara), Himont and Montell, G. Natta Research Center (Ferrara)

Responsibility in Associations

2020-         :Member of the Executive Council of the Lombardy Green Chemistry Association (LGCA)
2020-        :Representative of the Politecnico in the Committee for Research Organizations and in the Assemblies of the Sustainable Processes and Resources for Innovation and National Growth Association (SPRING)
2020-        :Coordinator of the Commission for Relations with Industry of the Società Chimica Italiana
2016-        :Scientific Coordinator of Assogomma Training
2009-2015: Responsible of interactions with associations and institutions for AIM
2005-2007: AIM Communication Manager
2005-2007: Member of the AIM Board of Directors
2003-2005: President of the Associazione Italiana di Scienza e Tecnologia delle Macromolecole (AIM)


American Chemical Society, Rubber Division; Società Chimica Italiana; Italian Association of Science and Technology of Macromolecules


2017: “Switch to product” - Politecnico Milano, PoliHub and Deloitte
2016: George Stafford Whitby Award for Distinguished Teaching and Research – ACS Rubber Division
2009: National Award for Innovation – Italian Republic Presidency
2008, 2009: Gold Plate - Pirelli Tyre
1990, 1998: For a clever future - Federchimica
1987: Università di Milano

Editorial board of international journals

Member of the editorial board of international scientific journals: Applied Clay Science (-2019), Rubber Chemistry and Technology, Kautschuk Gummi Kunststoffe, Elastomery

Research activity

The research activity was initially focused on homogeneous and heterogeneous catalysis for the production of olefin polymers and copolymers. In particular: the stereoregular polymers of propene, investigating the correlation between structure of the catalytic site and stereospecific induction, and the elastomeric copolymers of ethylene and propene, developing innovative catalysts up to the industrial plant.

It therefore focused on elastomeric nanocomposites for dynamic-mechanical applications, such as those in tyre compounds, with the aim of pursuing high performance and lower environmental impact.

The research has been then focused on: carbon allotropes such as carbon nanotubes, few layer graphene and graphene, inorganic oxides and hydroxides: silica and clays such as sepiolite and bentonites. A common line in these researches is the chemical modification, either covalent or supramolecular, in order to make these substances compatible with different types of matrices. The prepared nanocomposites were developed in various fields, from tyres to sails for high performance boats. Another constant feature of the research is the study of the mechanisms for chemical modification and nanocomposites formation.

The real fil rouge of the research activity are sustainability and innovation. In fact, prof. Galimberti coordinates the ISCaMaP Group (Innovative Sustainable Chemistry and Materials and Proteins).

The research activity benefits from collaboration with national and international companies and research centers.

Among the companies: Pirelli Tyre, ENI, BIRLA Carbon, Zeon, EPTANova, Pozzi-Arosio.

Among the Research Centers: Beijing University of Chemical Technology, Polytechnic University of Valencia, Université du Maine (Le Mans), Deutsches Institut fur Kautschuk (Hannover), University of Twente, Università di Salerno, Politecnico di Torino, CNR-SCITEC (Milano, Genova).

The research activity has led to a scientific production of more than 300 scientific communications (publications and presentations at conferences) and about 80 patent applications, more than 45 families of which were internationally granted.

For more information on the research areas, consult the web page https://www.cmic.polimi.it/ricerca/elenco-gruppi-di-ricerca/iscamap/ and the Instagram site: ismaterials.polimi.