Posted on  3/23/2020

Last updated: 01/14/2021

Polichina- made in CMIC is the sanitizing liquid produced by the Department of Chemistry, Materials and Chemical Engineering "Giulio Natta" according to the recipe of the OMS (Organizzazione Mondiale della Sanità), which starting from 16th of March we have donated the regional health entities and to the Civil Protections of Lombardy, and from the end of March also to the prisons of Milan (San Vittore, Opera and Bollate).

We have delivered Polichina for all the Departments of the University.

The number of liters of Polichina donated is updated on our website.

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The commitment of our Department has continued, together with the Department of Aerospace Sciences and Technologies and the Department of Energy, to the Polimask Project both as regards the fundamental experimental contribution of our competence and for the painstaking, infinite and very precise work of managing contacts and materials and samples.

The project has been completed.

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We recall the valuable work of the research team of Prof. Davide Manca who updates the COVID data analysis and forecasting bulletin daily.

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We invite you to watch the meeting

Cosa sono i virus?
held by Gabriele Candiani, docente di Bioingegneria chimica e Carlo Punta docente di Chimica

for 20 and 20 2020, program of online cultural and scientific dissemination initiatives organized by the Polytechnic of Milan waiting to be able to resume the live activity.

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On the website you will find the Sala Donatori CMIC, now only virtual, with reference to the people, Bodies and Companies that have contributed with liberal donations or with the supply of reagents, and our  thanks.

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The free distribution of the Polichina throughout the territory has involved more than 150 bodies. Our on tour sanitizing liquid has reached the various provinces of Lombardy with over 99,000 liters.

Polichina on tour


The Head of the Department warmly thanks colleagues and staff for their complementary and synergistic skills, abilities and dedication put in place, a job that allows at our Department to be useful to the community in the complicated moment.


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