Edizione cinese "Corrosion of Steel in Concrete"

Pubblicato il 21/07/2020

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Corrosion of Steel in Concrete: Prevention, Diagnosis, Repair

Luca Bertolini, Bernhard Elsener, Pietro Pedeferri, Elena Redaelli, Rob B. Polder

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Since this book was first published in 2004, durability of reinforced concrete structures has continued to receive worldwide interest, as it is confirmed by this Chinese edition. Although some of the open questions raised in the preface of the first edition have found reasonable explanations in the past decade, others are still unanswered and new issues have arisen. For example, the need for sustainability has, on one side, increased the demand for
durable structures and, on the other side, promoted the development and use of new materials with lower environmental impact whose durability properties need to be verified. The increased demand for maintaining large numbers of existing structures and prolonging their service life poses technical and economical challenges of a larger scale. At the same time, increased experience with regard to repair techniques and materials must be incorporated in asset management on the scale of e.g. road networks. Challenges for the next decade are science-based models for the prediction of service life of new and existing structures and reliable accelerated tests able to provide durability-related design parameters both for concrete (e.g. with regard to resistance to carbonation or chloride penetration) and for steel (e.g. relating to the chloride threshold for corrosion initiation).


We hope that the Chinese edition of this book may serve as a reference for students and materials scientists, who may find the explanation of corrosion and degradation mechanisms, as well as people involved in design, execution and managing of reinforced concrete structures, who may concentrate on the parts of the book dealing with practical aspects of assessment, monitoring, prevention and protection techniques.


We would like to dedicate this Chinese edition to the memory of our co-authors that are no longer with us, but highly contributed to the previous editions: Pietro Pedeferri (1938-2008) and Luca Bertolini (1966-2017). Although they had very different personalities, they were both great researchers as well as devoted teachers. They will be cherished in the hearts of colleagues, students and all those who had the privilege to know them. They would have been proud to hold this book in their hands.


The Authors, March 2017
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