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Since 1992, Elena Vismara is Associate Professor of Politecnico di Milano SSD Chim/07 (Fondamenti Chimici delle Tecnologie). In 1978 she graduated in Chemistry at the Università Statale di Milano. Her academic carrier started at Politecnico in 1978 as Assistant Professor at Politecnico di Milano. In 1981 she became confirmed researcher at Politecnico di Milano. She is the head of Applied Organic Chemistry Laboratory (AOCL), Dipartimento di Chimica, Materiali e Ing. Chimica “G. Natta”. The main AOCL activities are organic and inorganic chemical preparations, reactions workup, separation and purification by main organic and inorganic chemistry techniques, characterisations and basic analytical chemistry.

Elena Vismara and her team have been working in multiple directions of basic and applied research, in more or less sophisticated fields:

  • Preparation of hybrid organic-inorganic nanoparticles for biomedical applications; 
  • Synthesis of carbohydrate derivatives with antimetastatic properties;
  • Preparation of low molecular weight heparin;
  • Preparation of polymeric materials from natural and synthetic fibres for sanitary and environmental applications;
  • Recovery of cellulose from natural and industrial waste for the synthesis of artificial fibers;
  • Nanocellulose: preparation and modification.

Many of Vismara projects have been financed by public or private funds. The team has national and international collaborations, the most relevant and ongoing with Ronzoni Institute of Milan, Italy and with Technion, Haifa, Israel.
Applied Organic Chemistry Laboratory (AOCL) facilities:

  • Freeze dry equipment: LIO5P DIGIT RS 232 INTERFACE and RV8 rotary vane pump 220 V 50 Hz.
  • 2 HPLCs: Smartline Pump 1000 equipped with autosampler LC, 6-Port/3-Channel Injection Valve, vacuum degasser, and fraction collector. Agilent quaternary pump, 1100 series (Germany) equipped with two detectors in series (UV and refractive index RI).
  • FT-IR spectrometer by Bruker Optic GmbH, equipped with a sample compartment RT-DLaTGS for solid phase FT-IR measurements of powdered samples in KBr and an ATR measurement module with a diamond crystal.
  • UV Jasco V-650 Spectrophotometer mod. ISV-722 equipped with solid-state integrating sphere 200 kV electron microscope (Philips CM200-FEG).
  • Microwave Labstation for synthesis Start S, 50 Hz, 230 V, Milestone.
  • Rayonet for photochemical reaction.
  • Two Amel potentiostat-galvanostats for analytical and preparative electrochemistry.

Elena Vismara is author of 81 papers and inventor of 15 patents, h-index 21.

Selected patents:

  • Polyurethane-hydrogel dressing comprising silver nanoparticles. Pecorari, Federico; Vismara, Elena, PCT Int. Appl. (2018), WO 2018055203 A1 20180329.
  • Polyurethane-hydrogel composition comprising chlorhexidine. Vismara, Elena; Pecorari, Federico, PCT Int. Appl. (2018), WO 2018055200 A2 20180329.
  • Polyethylene net or fabric grafted with a polyvinylpyrrolidone hydrogel for the absorption and release of pyrethroids. Arrigoni, Paolo; Vismara, Elena; Starace, Giuseppe, PCT Int. Appl. (2017), WO 2017115177 A1 20170706.
  • Mimetics of sulfated oligosaccharides. Torri, Giangiacomo; Vismara, Elena; Vlodavsky, Israel; Naggi, Annamaria, U.S. (2014), US 8853387 B2 20141007.
  • Production of textile from citrus fruit. Santanocito, Adriana Maria; Vismara, Elena, PCT Int. Appl. (2015), WO 2015018711 A1 20150212.
  • Derivatised polysaccharide material for the transdermal administration of drugs. Graziani, Giorgio; Montanelli, Alessandro; Melone, Lucio; Vismara, Elena; Torri, Giangiacomo, PCT Int. Appl. (2009), WO 2009013770 A1 20090129.
  • Multistep process for the physical depolymerization of heparin and products obtained therefrom. De Ambrosi, Luigi; Gonella, Sergio; Bensi, Donata; Torri, Giangiacomo; Bisio, Antonella; Vismara, Elena Eur. Pat. Appl. (2005), EP 1524276 A1 20050420.
  • Depolymerization of glycosaminoglycans by UV radiation. De Ambrosi, Luigi; Vismara, Elena, Eur. Pat. Appl. (2004), EP 1475391 A1 20041110.
  • Radiation process for the physical depolymerization of glycosaminoglycanes and products obtained therefrom. De Ambrosi, Luigi; Iannacone, Nicola; Gonella, Sergio; Vismara, Elena; Nesti, Solitario; Torri, Giangiacomo, PCT Int. Appl. (2003), WO 2004000886 A1 20031231.
  • Free-radical functionalized polysaccharides. Torri, Giangiacomo; Vismara, Elena; Alberti, Angelo; Bertini, Sabrina; Ciardelli, Gianluca; Gastaldi, Giuseppe; Nesti, Solitario, Eur. Pat. Appl. (2003), EP 1347000 A1 20030924.
  • Crease-resistant crosslinked linen slivers and yarns and their preparation. Comoli, Maura; Di Modugno, Rocco; Torri, Giangiacomo; Vismara, Elena, Eur. Pat. Appl. (2002), EP 1260632 A1 20021127.

Selected articles:

  • Polyvinyl acetate processing wastewater treatment using combined Fenton's reagent and fungal consortium: Application of central composite design for conditions optimization. Ajmi, Khadija; Vismara, Elena; Manai, Imene; Haddad, Maroua; Hamdi, Moktar; Bouallagui, Hassib Journal of Hazardous Materials (2018), 358, 243-255.
  • Nanocelluloses from cotton waste, bacterial nanocellulose and glycidyl methacrylate grafting: specific adsorption properties towards target molecules. Vismara, Elena; Bongio, Chiara; Torri, Giangiacomo Abstracts of Papers, 255th ACS National Meeting & Exposition, New Orleans, LA, United States, March 18-22, 2018 (2018), CELL-398.
  • Albumin and hyaluronic acid-coated superparamagnetic iron oxide nanoparticles loaded with paclitaxel for biomedical applications. Vismara, Elena; Bongio, Chiara; Coletti, Alessia; Edelman, Ravit; Serafini, Andrea; Mauri, Michele; Simonutti, Roberto; Bertini, Sabrina; Urso, Elena; Assaraf, Yehuda G.; et al Molecules (2017), 22(7), 1030/1-1030/25.
  • Conformational changes of 1-4-glucopyranosyl residues of a sulfated C-C linked hexasaccharide. Coletti, Alessia; Elli, Stefano; Macchi, Eleonora; Galzerano, Patrizia; Zamani, Leila; Guerrini, Marco; Torri, Giangiacomo; Vismara, Elena Carbohydrate Research (2014), 389, 134-140.
  • Non-covalent synthesis of metal oxide nanoparticle - heparin hybrid systems: a new approach to bioactive nanoparticles. Vismara, Elena; Valerio, Antonio; Coletti, Alessia; Torri, Giangiacomo; Bertini, Sabrina; Eisele, Giorgio; Gornati, Rosalba; Bernardini, Giovanni International Journal of Molecular Sciences (2013), 14(7), 13463-13481.
  • Posidonia oceanica as a renewable lignocellulosic biomass for the synthesis of cellulose acetate and glycidyl methacrylate grafted cellulose. Coletti, Alessia; Valerio, Antonio; Vismara, Elena Materials (2013), 6, 2043-2058.
  • Anti-metastatic semi-synthetic sulfated maltotriose C-C linked dimers. Synthesis and characterization. Vismara, Elena; Coletti, Alessia; Valerio, Antonio; Naggi, AnnaMaria; Urso, Elena; Torri, Giangiacomo Molecules (2012), 17, 9912-9930.
  • Sulfated hexasaccharides attenuate metastasis by inhibition of P-selectin and heparanase. Borsig, Lubor; Vlodavsky, Israel; Ishai-Michaeli, Rivka; Torri, Giangiacomo; Vismara, Elena Neoplasia (Ann Arbor, MI, United States) (2011), 13(5), 445-452.
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  • Low-molecular-weight heparin from Cu2+ and Fe2+ fenton type depolymerisation processes. Vismara, Elena; Pierini, Monica; Mascellani, Giuseppe; Liverani, Lino; Lima, Marcelo; Guerrini, Marco; Torri, Giangiacomo Thrombosis and Haemostasis (2010), 103(3), 613-622.