About us

Department of Chemistry, Materials and Chemical Engineering "Giulio Natta" was founded in 2001, with solid foundations and with skills to face all the engineering challenges that involve the correlations between the molecular aspects of the material and the application characteristics of the products.

The Department's common vision is that the sciences and technologies of chemistry, chemical and materials engineering, and life sciences significantly contribute to identifying safe, cost-effective and sustainable solutions to current challenges in multi-disciplinary fields such as processes. industrial, civil and industrial security, energy, health, the food sector, the environment and renewable resources.

The result is a natural ability to collaborate synergistically with the other Departments of Politecnico di Milano, the chemical industry, the process industry in various application areas and institutional interlocutors (Regional, National and International).


The Department has more than 120 teaching staff members, almost 50 technical-administrative staff, over 150 PhD students and over 50 research fellows.

More than 30 research groups operate in the Department, divided into Sections:

Section of Chemistry 
- Section of BiomedicalEngineering

- Section of Chemical Engineering
- Section of  Science and Engineering of Materials 

and whose scientific and technological development activity covers the macro areas: Energy, Safety and Environment; Health and Life Sciences; Smart and Sustainable Industry.

Chemistry and materials science and engineering are the basis of technological development in many sectors of industrial importance, including manufacturing, energy, health and safety.

The Department has a long tradition of funded research and relationships with technology transfer companies.

Our numbers

brightness_1 Full Professor: 40
brightness_1 Associate Professor: 59
brightness_1 Assistant Professor: 32
brightness_1 Staff: 50
brightness_1 Temporary Research Fellow: 48
brightness_1 PhD: 227
Total: 456 people
brightness_1 Male: 257
brightness_1 Female: 199
Graduating students (M.Sc.): 379